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The bundles of energy, the storehouse of relentless chatter,
ever effervescent with twinkling eyes, children around me day and night. They learn from what they observe, lecturing doesn’t really work. You’ve got to watch them closely, inorder to know and understand, how their lil world functions & how they devise their naughtiest plans.

There are a few perks of being a teacher, if not many. One of them is that I get a chance to interact with kids more often than others.
Their tiny eyes have gigantic dreams, some are big enough to conquer the expansive sky.The more you try to hold them, the more they wish to fly!!!
When I get a chance to share ideas with them, I learn a lot about their way of thinking and their perceptions about the world. I’d admit their energy is so infectious that you can’t abstain from catching some like a common cold. Their naive thinking and super fast developing brains are fed with all kind of information and they develop their own understanding based on it.

In all this hullabo,my duty as a teacher is to shape up their personality in such a way that they assimilate and accomodate all information in an acceptable manner.Sometimes lecturing, and the other times mere sharing of experiences, is what I do to teach them various variants of life.

One of the recent instances has the gender disparities that exists in their tender minds. Both happen to vouch that the other is enjoying the greener side and believe themselves to be suffering. It was a setback for me to learn that despite being in 21 century, we’re still struggling with this hard hitting reality of two genders fighting over their defined roles. I did lecture them about the two sides of the coins, but I doubt its effectiveness.

The role and responsibilities of each gender is so deeply engraved in their mind that changing it is nearly impossible. It’s rather bound to get further etched leaving little space for novelty. Albeit it’s pivotal to know about their thought process, it’s also important to give it a suiting food for thought.


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