The innumerable people you encounter,

The countless you fall in love with.

Some of them stay for a while,

While others are in a hurry to leave.

Broken hearted,

Jilted and shaken,

You may always return to her and find a shelter.

Of all those months you were in her womb,

And all those years,you flourished and bloomed,

The fact remains to be true and fortified,

There is noone who can love you like your mother.

There’s noone who will ever bother,

Whether you’re full or hungry,

Tired or full of energy.

Without saying a word,

She’d know,

For your heart beats in her.

It’s more than a fact lest you should know,

She’s the shadowed pillar,

You’ve been resting stealthily all through the while,

Love her unconditionally, for the rest of your life.

Fact“>Daily Prompt: Fact



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