Evenings with Dad!

The new found interest of spending my evenings with dad has brought me inner peace. He’s retired now and the priority is to loose that bulging belly and be fit again. This new routine involves playing badminton with him during evenings. It’s then we get to share some alone time together. In an uncompromising state, I look forward to this part of the day where we’d be on our own. I look at him with awe as he’s the most loving father of the world. With him catching up age, I contemplate, and realise how pivotal it’s for us as kids to take care of our parents. That how they never compromised in fulfilling our demands and requirements. The least we can do is to hand them a comfortable life at this age. Be a little more patient with them and bear with their tantrums, exactly the way they did for us. It’s only with their blessings and love, we are what we are today and we should be ever grateful for that!
Sparing some time from our infinitely worked up schedule, lending an ear to their woes and perhaps by putting our arms around them once a day. They’d never ask for anything , they’d be too adamant to change. All they look for is love in our eyes,and respect while they gracefully age.


The Daily Prompt: Uncompromising


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