Last wish…

The tree was getting older now.With its branches spread out robustly, the house behind it was barely visible.During springs, it bore new leaves and flowers making it a shelter to many 🐦. What a sight to behold! The tree laden with flowers and leaves that looked as fresh as dew.

Almost 10 years ago, a lil sapling was planted by the then owner of this house. He was pretty fond of gardening and wanted to create a small garden in his front portico. He watered it everyday till he was alive. Before breathing his last, he handed over this responsibility to his son. Time passed by! Initially his son was regular in watering the plants but eventually he got busy in his life and soon forgot about these plants. As a result, some of those couldn’t make it to very far. But there was this brave one, sucking water from ground in order to survive. It dint give up and kept growing bigger and bigger.

It grew big enough for small children to climb up on it and make merry. The man also understood that perhaps this tree is in a way his father’s blessings on him.

There came a time when the house was to be rebuilt and this tree stood in the way of construction. The tree had to removed.But he couldn’t find the courage to do it. For he felt his father’s presence whenever he sat under its shade.

After several days of contemplation, when he was about to get it uprooted, a thought struck him like lightning . He decided to create a boundary around the tree . It now lied at the centre of the house, with more saplings planted around it.Thus, the walls were built meandering that boundary. That way, he still stayed connected to his desceased father and the house looked more grand than before.

That year, many rare birds flocked on that tree and it bore flowers of different colours. He believed that his father was also happy with his decision as he sat peacefully under its shade!!


#trees #naturelove #life #postaday #friendsforlife #savenature #meander #childhood #birds #shelter #shade


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