I’d rather be….

I’d rather be….Life always has something challenging to offer. Some days are too arduous to pass while some are like a cake walk. When suddenly everything seems to be rough, and I am struggling hard to let it go, all I look for is an escape.
These gruesome days tell me that I am not supposed to be here. I’d rather be sitting in a shack near a shore.
Listening to the waves pushing the sand aside. The inconsistent, ever growing tides have a warmth to offer. They successfully establish an unspoken connection with me. I feel wanted and loved. I hum a song to them while they give me company. I can sit there from dusk till dawn and say nothing at all. When night falls, the sparkling sky donned with moonlight sorts everything, without any efforts. The cool breeze whispers the song of love in my ears. In that moment, I am endowed with courage to fix everything with my bare hands. It’s then I feel totally alive!!

Nature beholds an unimaginable love in its bounty. I’d rather stay in vicinity filling my soul quaintly than sit here worrying about pity matters.

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I’d Rather Be…“>href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/rather/”>I’d Rather Be…</a>


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