A Warm Adieu….

Noone ever said it’s going to be easy.

Noone even told me that it’s going to be so overwhelming.

For one long year, we are entrusted upon the duty of shaping a child’s future. More than duty, it’s our responsibility to hone and nurture each and every kid during this period. Not everyone comes out shining bright, not everyone remains dull. There is an evident change in every child by the end of the year. It’s tiresome sometimes and we keep whining most of the times yet this selfless love received from children is heart warming.

Indeed, there are innumerous challenges to encounter, many times things simply fall out of place yet the faith that a child vests in a teacher is what keeps us going. A lil push makes a lot of difference to that child who has noone to motivate him. A few kind words, a pat on the back, a smile returned and sometimes it’s just a few words of appreciation, each and everything matters to them. It helps in charging their day. It makes them feel special. Noone else has this ability except a teacher.

We are surely paid much lesser than other professionals and that’s what affects our performances sometimes. Noone really realises that it’s only a teacher who makes a difference to a child’s life and someone so important should be kept high on the pedestal. It’s a lil demotivating at times but at the same time it doesn’t hamper our roles in their lives.

I don’t say any teacher is good/bad. As a matter of fact, we are noone to judge or categorise a teacher just because we don’t like him/her. It’s just a different way with which teachers deal with their kids. Some do it a lil more strictly than other but that doesn’t make any of them bad or less inspiring.

It’s just that they are too many emotions making me nostalgic. The gratitude that children shower us with is incomparable. It may seem to be one of the easiest job but it really isn’t. An individual who’s spending 6-7 hours of a day with us for almost 200+ days in a year, is perhaps inspired in many ways. I believe there is a lot more than teaching we end up doing by the end of each passing day. I am truly grateful for have chosen this profession and to be able to shape so many lives every year.

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