Tell me a story!

My favourite kind of love’ story would be the one where both protagonists turn all odds into even to be with each other. I had always dreamt of one such story for myself. A dreamy story where everybody would be making love possible. There’ll be lot of drama involved and some dream like sequences. Love that would drip from each other’s eyes. A fancy kind!!

I fell for a few,imagined my dream kind love with them but it wasn’t even closest to it. I was depressed but I never gave up on love. I am still hopeful for a flawless love story, something I can tell my kids and their kids to come.

Love has always been quintessential for me but after being heart broken, I was dejected and almost lost faith in its existence. As if some foreign element entered my system and corrupted its functioning. Being heart broken is one thing but losing hope is something grave. It doesn’t let you move on and you keep burying deep into it. It’s jet dark in there and horrid too. It leaves you disabled and hapless. It took me years to pull myself out of it and there still remains remnants of it in my mind. Glad it’s over! And that foreign virus taught me to handle myself at my worst, being strong and receptive to good things that were coming my way.

I am still pretty hopeful that I’ll find the one who’s my kind of crazy. If not perfect atleast my story would be worth telling.



#love #lovestory #hope #heartbroken #crazylove #faith


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